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New Project for Elliptical Technologies

We are excited to start a new project on behalf of our client “Elliptical Technologies“, realizing a true vision: to develop a unique piece of sports equipment that combines running, cycling and cross-trainer in one device for outdoor training.

What makes this device special is that it feels like running in nature without having any impact on the body. With this innovation, athletes can enjoy their outdoor training without worrying about the impact on their joints and muscles.

The RADIATE team is excited about the challenge and looks forward to delivering a high-quality and innovative product.

Welcome to the Team, Juan!

We are very happy that a new engineer has joined our team! Juan Ignacio Navarro Mañes joins us with immediate effect as a Mechanical Engineer with a special background in Bicycle Engineering.

Upon completion of a Bachelor and a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering in Spain, Juan moved to Germany where he did a second Master in product development at the RWTH. Thereafter he worked for a year in the electronics industry for an American company in the Netherlands. Finally, Juan worked at Thömus, a Swiss bicycle brand in Bern before joining RADIATE.

We’re glad to have him on board and wish him a successful start!

Teaming up with Mammut for a Circular Design Project

One of the biggest challenges today is using sustainable production processes integrated in a circular economy – because the world needs more circular economy friendly products. It is one of the challenges that also Radiate Engineering & Design, as a product innovation company, must meet.

We are therefore happy to announce that we are teaming up with Mammut Sports Group in order to explore the use of novel & sustainable materials for future product development. We are looking forward to the cooperation and to the joint development of a new product.

The partnership is fueled by the two partners, which complement each other well: Mammut Sports Group as an expert in the field of avalanche safety, mountaineering, climbing and outdoor equipment and Radiate Engineering & Design as an expert and innovator for novel materials and processes for highly stressed parts and components.

Following the steps of a simulation-driven product development approach we will test prototypes early in the process—in our lab but also in the field, as we strongly believe in the benefit of early testing paired with simulation-driven development.

More concrete information about the project will be published soon – so stay tuned.

Before and after: the big office makeover

One year ago, in January 2021, we were able to take a look at our future office and workshop space at Hohlstrasse 176 for the first time. At that time, it was not yet clear how exactly we would set up. Soon we made a plan and put it into action. A lot of work and effort went into it, but it was worth it. The difference in the photos between before and after shows it clearly – we are very happy in our new place!



A familiar face is new to the Team

Radiate Engineering & Design is pleased to welcome a returnee. With immediate effect, Melanie Kuhn supports the team in the areas of production and administration. As an experienced technician, Melanie knows how to work with prepreg processing, laminating and vacuum technology. Due to her previous activities, Melanie also has a sound knowledge of administration, which is a very valuable addition to the team.

Melanie Kuhn has already worked for Radiate once and supported the two founders Frederic Poppenhäger and Timothy Habermacher in the production of prototypes of the full carbon wheel OOCYCLE in a very early phase. Some impressions of this are included in the production film which can be seen here.

Melanie comes from near Lucerne and, in addition to her work for Radiate Engineering & Design, she also works for the BeeYo company from Hochdorf, which, among other things, produces beeswax wipes as an alternative to aluminum or cling film and offers a delivery service for food and products from regional companies and farmers.

We extend a warm welcome to Melanie and wish her a successful start!

Radiate Startup Session

Are you working in a Startup and facing engineering and design challenges for your physical product? We’re here to help you out!

Having once been a Startup ourselves, we know the challenges young companies face and how difficult it is to bring a product to the market.

That’s why we created the Radiate Startup Session to offer support to young up-and-coming entrepreneurs. In a free, one-hour session (roughly – we won’t stop until all your topics have been discussed), our engineering experts will discuss your challenges concerning product design, prototyping, design for manufacturing, production planning or industrialization.

We offer the Radiate Startup Session to all companies that are based in Switzerland, involved in physical product development and are not older than 5 years.

If that sounds interesting to you, please contact us!


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Project Circleg and Fotokite Sigma win the Design Prize Switzerland

On Friday, 5 November 2021, the Design Preis Schweiz Edition 21 awards ceremony took place in Langenthal’s Markthalle. The biennial event was held for the 16th time and is considered to be the most important event for the Swiss design industry. The seven-member jury selected a total of 15 award winners from 36 nominations in nine categories.

We were pleased to see that 2 Radiate Engineering & Design customers were among the winners this year.

First, Project Circleg won in the category “Going Circular Economy” – Jury verdict: “With the help of a cleverly woven ecosystem, they have done everything right, considered everything and developed a convincing solution for all aspects of their complex task – a great achievement!”

Secondly,  Perspective Robotics won in the category “Product Investment” – As the jury put it: “The Fotokite Sigma proves to be an extremely useful tool for the emergency response of professional rescue workers, providing real-time aerial images of the scene. The design of the aircraft and its base station appears both practical and unpretentious.”

We feel privileged to be involved in both projects and are happy to continue to support Perspective Robotics and Project Circleg on their way!

Partner network study program Computational and Data Science

The use of data for mobility, health, trip planning or weather forecasts is ubiquitous. Data-based models are also becoming increasingly important in product development. At Radiate Engineering & Design, simulation-driven engineering has been part of our core competence from the very beginning.

We are therefore pleased to share our knowledge in a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons in the new study programme “Computational and Data Science” and to support the education of future knowledge workers. The areas of cooperation cover various fields, including the support of technical experts on the part of Radiate or the possibility to accompany bachelor theses.

More information about the Computational and Data Science program can be found here.


What’s behind the Circleg Cycle

Ever wondered, how the prosthetic legs from our client Project Circleg are made? You can find it out in this short 2 minute explainer video which drives you through Circleg’s entire production cycle. A journey of a PET bottle transforming into a highly functional lower-limb prosthetic. Congratulations to this very informative “behind the process”-look.

Free consulting session for Startups

Having once been a startup ourselves, we know the challenges young companies face and how difficult it is to take the first steps. That’s why we created the Radiate Startup Session #1 to offer support to young up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Have you recently started a new business and face engineering and design challenges? Our engineering experts will help you developing your idea, creating a prototype or even discuss with you questions in regard to production planning and industrialization.

We offer the Radiate Startup Session #1 to all companies that are based in Switzerland, involved in physical product development and are not older than 5 years.

So let us know about you and your ideas, contact us and let’s start the first Radiate Startup Session #1 together!


Designed by Zirconicusso / Freepik