Appearance in the Engineer Innovation Podcast

In the recent edition of the Engineer Innovation podcast from Simcenter, Frederic Poppenhäger from the Radiate Engineering & Design AG team shared insights on how cutting-edge technology and AI are reshaping the future of cycling.

From innovative wheel designs to pioneering approaches in product development, this episode is a must-listen for enthusiasts and professionals in the bicycle industry.

Listen to the full episode of the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Developing the first long-range step-through S-Pedelec

Swiss electric bike provider OPIUM focuses on speed pedelecs with long-range and advanced integration. With the “Model L”, Opium is now launching a fast step-through bike on the market.

The new S-Pedelec was recently presented at the Velofollies trade fair in Kortrijk, Belgium, and attracted a lot of attention.

The engineers of the Bike Divison at Radiate ensured that the frame offers the same ride quality as a diamond frame despite the lack of a top tube – with the advantage of a low stepover height.

In addition to the step-through frame, Radiate has redesigned the cockpit for the entire product family.

A review of the brand-new bicycle can be found here.

Push the Innovation Pedal with Simulation Technology

Exciting developments in soft mobility, particularly in e-bikes, are unfolding at an unprecedented pace. A recent article in the CADFEM journal highlights how simulation-driven engineering is revolutionizing bicycle design and performance. Radiate Engineering & Design, for instance, is leveraging these advanced tools to push boundaries in e-bike functionality, ensuring safety and robustness in their designs.

The article delves into the challenges and innovations in e-bike development, like the Speed Pedelec “OPIUM” by Revolt Zycling, showcasing a unique blend of technology and creativity.

It’s a fascinating glimpse into how simulation tools are not just enhancing designs but also accelerating time-to-market for these sustainable transport solutions.

Read the full article for a deeper dive into how simulation technology is driving the future of soft mobility.

New project for DIAVELO

Radiate Engineering & Design AG is excited to announce a fresh collaboration with DIAVELO AG. Based in Zurich, DIAVELO is a technological pioneer and known for innovative and internationally established e-bikes that cover the demands of different needs in everyday mobility and leisure traffic.

We’re happy to start with a first project for DIAVELO – stay tuned for upcoming announcements related to this venture.

Meet Yelena, our newest team member

Every once in a while, we’re graced with a new team member at RADIATE who not only brings a fresh perspective but also an electrifying energy that resonates with everyone. Enter Yelena, our new student employee with a fascinating blend of theoretical knowledge and a penchant for hands-on experience.

Yelena’s journey with us is as unconventional as her vibrant personality. Before joining our team, she pursued her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at the ETH Zurich. It was there that she played a pivotal role in the “Swissloop” Hyperloop student team. Interestingly, she first became acquainted with RADIATE while delivering a fruit basket to our workshop as a Bike Messenger for “Öpfelchasper”.

We’re thrilled to have Yelena onboard!

PS: If you want to find out more about Yelena, head over to her interview in our Behind the Scenes section.

Cost- and time efficient design finalization and prototype production for Positrigo AG

The technology from Positrigo AG offers precision medicine and makes functional imaging accessible for people worldwide. Radiate Engineering & Design developed and produced prototypes of a headrest for the NeuroLF seat, an ultra-compact brain Positron Emission Tomography system.

The collaboration with Positrigo included the following work packages:

  • Design Space Exploration: Evaluation of the existing components and technical requirements as well as the possible material/geometry combinations.
  • Structural Design and Dimensioning in Detail: Design of structurally loaded complex components using FEM as well as sensible materials and process selection.
  • Design Finalization and Prototype Production: Development of a cost- and time-efficient prototype strategy, including production planning and monitoring of prototype production.

Thanks to the cooperation with Positrigo and a huge team effort, the fast improvement, finalization and prototype production was made possible.

RADIATE Feature in Cycleinfo Magazine

Swiss B2B Cycling Magazin Cycleinfo features Radiate Engineering & Design in its latest issue, exploring our history and uncovering how we work.

Here’s an excerpt: “Sandwiched between the busiest transit road in the city of Zurich and the imposing, gray anthracite Zurich Police and Justice Center of the Cantonal Police, still stands a remnant of Zurich’s industrial past. This building, with its abundant industrial charm, is now being passionately tinkered with to shape the future of cycling. Surrounded by a hint of history, the building now serves as a place for groundbreaking innovations, for it is here at Radiate Engineering & Design that ideas are born that go far beyond ordinary tinkering. In their laboratory, ideas are developed, calculated, meticulously tested and finally transferred to production.”

You can read the full article in the attached PDF or on the Cycleinfo Website.

Have a good read!

Unveiling the new Syncros Capital SL Wheelset – A System for Speed

Radiate Engineering & Design proudly unveils the all-new Capital SL full-carbon wheelset developed exclusively for our client, Scott Sports SA.

Representing a breakthrough in aerodynamic design and composite technology, the Capital SL wheelset embodies a comprehensive “System For Speed” approach, where every component has been meticulously engineered to maximize aerodynamic performance and deliver an unparalleled riding experience.

Designed to redefine speed and agility, the Capital SL wheelset combines cutting-edge technology, lightweight construction, and aerodynamic superiority. With a monocoque carbon design, these wheels offer a remarkable balance of strength, responsiveness, and reduced weight, tipping the scales at a mere 1170g. Whether conquering roads or gravel terrains, the Capital SL wheelset propels riders into the future of cycling.

“We are thrilled and immensely proud that Scott Sports SA introduces the Capital SL wheelset to riders worldwide,” says CEO Timothy Habermacher, CEO of Radiate Engineering & Design. “This revolutionary wheelset represents the pinnacle of our engineering and design expertise, delivering unmatched performance and setting new standards in speed and agility. We are excited to see how these wheels empower riders to push their boundaries and experience the thrill of riding.”

Check out more about the Engineering and Design behind the new Capital SL in the video and the image gallery.

Welcome Martina, our newest team member

We are very happy to welcome Martina Skvaro to the RADIATE team!

Martina brings a diverse background in CAD and Industrial Design and experience in medical technology and also helicopter development. Her expertise lies in combining design and engineering, particularly using Siemens NX for parametric and freeform modeling.

Passionate about the entire product development process, Martina enjoys the challenge of finding innovative solutions. In her spare time, she also designs products for her home, such as SLS-printed lamps, 3D-printed ceramic candle holders, and furniture.

If you want to know more about Martina, check out the full interview with her in our “Behind-the-Scenes” section.


Sustainable Growth: our Path for Radiate Engineering & Design

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the role of engineering and design has become more crucial than ever. As professionals in these fields, we have the power to shape the future and make a positive impact on society. But how we approach growth matters greatly.

For us, growth at all costs is no measure of success for a company.

Instead, at Radiate Engineering & Design we focus on “healthy” or sustainable growth, and for good reason.

It ensures that we achieve our goals while not over-pacing and nurturing knowledge and (human) resources.

You can read more about our “growth” philosophy in this portrait from Valiant Bank AG.

(Picture © Esther Michel,