Engineering and Design Team

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Engineering and Design Team

To create real value and sustainable innovation, we master every aspect of a development process. Radiate brings together talents from different disciplines, thereby combining a holistic development team with a creational DNA. Scientifically rooted, feasibility-oriented.

Timothy Miguel Habermacher

MSc ETH ME, Head of Composite Materials and Processes, Partner

Frederic Poppenhäger

MA Communications, Head of Consulting and Business Development, Partner

Jonas Schmid

MSc ETH ME, Head of Product Development, Partner

Simon Grob

MSc ETH ME, Head of Simulation Engineering, Partner

Mattis Stolze

MSc ETH ME, Engineering and Innovation Consulting

Jan Schenker

MSc ETH ME, CFD Simulations and Structural Engineering

Massimo Brivio

MSc ETH ME, Mechanical Engineering

Pascal Trachsler

BSC of Arts ZFH in Product and Industrial Design

Mario Tischhauser

Head of Prototyping Lab

Melanie Kuhn

Assistant Workshop and Administration