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Appearance in the Engineer Innovation Podcast

In the recent edition of the Engineer Innovation podcast from Simcenter, Frederic Poppenhäger from the Radiate Engineering & Design AG team shared insights on how cutting-edge technology and AI are reshaping the future of cycling.

From innovative wheel designs to pioneering approaches in product development, this episode is a must-listen for enthusiasts and professionals in the bicycle industry.

Listen to the full episode of the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Meet Yelena, our newest team member

Every once in a while, we’re graced with a new team member at RADIATE who not only brings a fresh perspective but also an electrifying energy that resonates with everyone. Enter Yelena, our new student employee with a fascinating blend of theoretical knowledge and a penchant for hands-on experience.

Yelena’s journey with us is as unconventional as her vibrant personality. Before joining our team, she pursued her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering at the ETH Zurich. It was there that she played a pivotal role in the “Swissloop” Hyperloop student team. Interestingly, she first became acquainted with RADIATE while delivering a fruit basket to our workshop as a Bike Messenger for “Öpfelchasper”.

We’re thrilled to have Yelena onboard!

PS: If you want to find out more about Yelena, head over to her interview in our Behind the Scenes section.

Cost- and time efficient design finalization and prototype production for Positrigo AG

The technology from Positrigo AG offers precision medicine and makes functional imaging accessible for people worldwide. Radiate Engineering & Design developed and produced prototypes of a headrest for the NeuroLF seat, an ultra-compact brain Positron Emission Tomography system.

The collaboration with Positrigo included the following work packages:

  • Design Space Exploration: Evaluation of the existing components and technical requirements as well as the possible material/geometry combinations.
  • Structural Design and Dimensioning in Detail: Design of structurally loaded complex components using FEM as well as sensible materials and process selection.
  • Design Finalization and Prototype Production: Development of a cost- and time-efficient prototype strategy, including production planning and monitoring of prototype production.

Thanks to the cooperation with Positrigo and a huge team effort, the fast improvement, finalization and prototype production was made possible.

Welcome Martina, our newest team member

We are very happy to welcome Martina Skvaro to the RADIATE team!

Martina brings a diverse background in CAD and Industrial Design and experience in medical technology and also helicopter development. Her expertise lies in combining design and engineering, particularly using Siemens NX for parametric and freeform modeling.

Passionate about the entire product development process, Martina enjoys the challenge of finding innovative solutions. In her spare time, she also designs products for her home, such as SLS-printed lamps, 3D-printed ceramic candle holders, and furniture.

If you want to know more about Martina, check out the full interview with her in our “Behind-the-Scenes” section.


Sustainable Growth: our Path for Radiate Engineering & Design

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the role of engineering and design has become more crucial than ever. As professionals in these fields, we have the power to shape the future and make a positive impact on society. But how we approach growth matters greatly.

For us, growth at all costs is no measure of success for a company.

Instead, at Radiate Engineering & Design we focus on “healthy” or sustainable growth, and for good reason.

It ensures that we achieve our goals while not over-pacing and nurturing knowledge and (human) resources.

You can read more about our “growth” philosophy in this portrait from Valiant Bank AG.

(Picture © Esther Michel, www.esthermichel.com)

New Project for Positrigo AG

The NeuroLF from Positrigo AG is an ultra-compact brain Positron Emission Tomography system. The technology offers precision medicine and makes functional imaging accessible for people worldwide.

We are very happy that Positrigo has contracted Radiate Engineering & Design to design and develop structurally loaded complex components for the NeuroLF using FEM, based on existing technical requirements and geometric constraints.

We are excited about the project and are looking forward to starting it!

Meet Edouard Tarter, our newest team member

We are happy to welcome Edouard Tarter to the RADIATE team!

With a background in Mechanical Engineering, Machine Learning and Adaptive Composite Structures, Edouard enjoys the interdisciplinary challenges and fusion of different talents that come with working in product development and innovation. He balances his work and personal life by enjoying each separately, and unwinds by being spontaneous with hobbies such as DIY projects, working out, and even jumping into Zurich lake from a 10m loading crane!

If you want to know more about Edouard, check out our interview with him in the “Behind the Scenes” section on our website.

Workshop on Sustainability in the Bike Industry

We all know that the bicycle is an environmentally friendly means of transportation, but there is always room for improvement in terms of materials, production, durability and disposal. That’s why Radiate Engineering & Design is hosting a workshop on “Sustainability in the Bike Industry” – together with the sustainability experts from Milani Design – on 11 May during the Cycle Week that takes place in Zurich.

True to the motto “listen to the customer”, we want to collect ideas, wishes and opinions on how the bicycle industry could be given a sustainability boost. Our workshop offers the opportunity to find innovative solutions. Together, we will exchange ideas on these topics and develop ideas on how to promote sustainability in the bicycle industry.

Registration for the workshop (limited seats!) is open at the Cycle Week website.

Lucio Bürgisser joins our team

We are excited to welcome Lucio Bürgisser as the newest member of our team at RADIATE!

With a background in mechanical engineering and industrial design, Lucio brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our company.

If you want to know more about Lucio, check out our interview with him in the “Behind the Scenes” section, where he shared that he enjoys the challenge of new experiences and looks forward to the daily variation that comes with his work. He also loves to stay active and enjoy nature in his free time.

We are thrilled to have Lucio on board and can’t wait to see the creative ideas and solutions he will bring to our team.

Welcome, Lucio!

New Project for SoFlow

The Swiss tech company SoFlow has been promoting micro-mobility since 2015 with high-quality e-scooters. With sales of more than 200,000 e-scooters, they feel encouraged to drive development and sales further in the next years. Even the investors from the Swiss TV show ‘Die Höhle der Löwen’ recognised the potential: at CHF 1.3 million, SoFlow got the biggest deal in the history of the TV show!

We are thrilled to announce that Radiate Engineering & Design has been assigned to a first project with SoFlow. As a leading engineering company, we are excited to collaborate with SoFlow in developing cutting-edge technology that will push the boundaries of micro-mobility.

We are looking forward to bringing our expertise and experience to the table and working closely with the team at SoFlow to create technology that is not only functional but also stylish and environmentally friendly. With this collaboration, we aim to make micro-mobility more accessible and convenient for people, and we believe that this partnership will take us a step closer to achieving our shared vision.