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Cost- and time efficient design finalization and prototype production for Positrigo AG

The technology from Positrigo AG offers precision medicine and makes functional imaging accessible for people worldwide. Radiate Engineering & Design developed and produced prototypes of a headrest for the NeuroLF seat, an ultra-compact brain Positron Emission Tomography system.

The collaboration with Positrigo included the following work packages:

  • Design Space Exploration: Evaluation of the existing components and technical requirements as well as the possible material/geometry combinations.
  • Structural Design and Dimensioning in Detail: Design of structurally loaded complex components using FEM as well as sensible materials and process selection.
  • Design Finalization and Prototype Production: Development of a cost- and time-efficient prototype strategy, including production planning and monitoring of prototype production.

Thanks to the cooperation with Positrigo and a huge team effort, the fast improvement, finalization and prototype production was made possible.

New assignment for Tethys Robotics

Tethys Robotics is a Zurich-based startup that develops innovative underwater robots to tackle tasks in challenging environments, focusing on omnidirectional maneuverability, modularity and easy deployability. Their vision is to push sub-sea exploration in Switzerland and beyond since this topic has not really been touched on in the past. As an industry partner, Radiate Engineering & Design will assist Tethys in designing and manufacturing for the Tethys River Robot. We are looking forward to this new assignment!