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New Project for Positrigo AG

The NeuroLF from Positrigo AG is an ultra-compact brain Positron Emission Tomography system. The technology offers precision medicine and makes functional imaging accessible for people worldwide.

We are very happy that Positrigo has contracted Radiate Engineering & Design to design and develop structurally loaded complex components for the NeuroLF using FEM, based on existing technical requirements and geometric constraints.

We are excited about the project and are looking forward to starting it!

Project Circleg and Fotokite Sigma win the Design Prize Switzerland

On Friday, 5 November 2021, the Design Preis Schweiz Edition 21 awards ceremony took place in Langenthal’s Markthalle. The biennial event was held for the 16th time and is considered to be the most important event for the Swiss design industry. The seven-member jury selected a total of 15 award winners from 36 nominations in nine categories.

We were pleased to see that 2 Radiate Engineering & Design customers were among the winners this year.

First, Project Circleg won in the category “Going Circular Economy” – Jury verdict: “With the help of a cleverly woven ecosystem, they have done everything right, considered everything and developed a convincing solution for all aspects of their complex task – a great achievement!”

Secondly,  Perspective Robotics won in the category “Product Investment” – As the jury put it: “The Fotokite Sigma proves to be an extremely useful tool for the emergency response of professional rescue workers, providing real-time aerial images of the scene. The design of the aircraft and its base station appears both practical and unpretentious.”

We feel privileged to be involved in both projects and are happy to continue to support Perspective Robotics and Project Circleg on their way!

What’s behind the Circleg Cycle

Ever wondered, how the prosthetic legs from our client Project Circleg are made? You can find it out in this short 2 minute explainer video which drives you through Circleg’s entire production cycle. A journey of a PET bottle transforming into a highly functional lower-limb prosthetic. Congratulations to this very informative “behind the process”-look.

Project Circleg wins Cybathlon

Only recently, the Project Circleg team presented its new prototype, the Circleg Zero. Now the team has won the Cybathlon 2020 competition in their category. Andre Frei overcame the obstacle course as the fastest with the advanced Circleg Zero prosthesis.

The Cybathlon is an international competition for assistance systems. Teams from all over the world measure their prototypes in six different disciplines. Last weeks, over 50 teams competed against each other. Project Circleg started with the two pilots Andre Frei and Beat Schwarzenbach to test the Circleg Zero prosthesis, which is still a prototype. The victory in the Cybathlon has now shown that the new prototype works perfectly. Radiate is happy about the success and congratulates our customer!

Interview with Project Circleg

In a recent interview, Timothy Habermacher explained the cooperation with our friends from Project Circleg, highlighting the importance of an interdisciplinary approach between designers and engineers. As a consulting partner, Radiate has supported the team of Project Circleg in structural questions and challenges in the field of FEM simulation and optimization as well as design for manufacturing aspects of the prosthetic system. You can read the full story here.

New Project for QZabre

ETH Spin Off QZabre specializes in quantum scanning microscopes that provide new capabilities and unmatched performance in the quantitative magnetic analysis of nanoscale surfaces and device elements. Originated from the Spin Physics group of Prof. Christian Degen at ETH Zurich, QZabre’s products are the result of several years of dedicated research and development.

Radiate Engineering is happy to support QZabre in the future in the fields of product development and engineering.

Expert Meeting Orthotics 2019

On August 23, 2019 Radiate will participate in the “Expert Meeting Orthotics 2019”, organized by Orthotec AG. Our lecture will deal with the topic “Simulation in orthotics – from digital model to optimized orthosis”.

The expert meeting is an exchange of experiences and interests in the field of orthotics. Orthopaedic technicians, therapists and doctors will discuss today’s challenges in orthopaedic care in an informal setting.

Consulting for Project Circleg

Project Circleg is an appropriate modular lower-limb prosthetic system designed for the needs of amputees in developing countries. By smart design and the utilization of recycled plastic waste in combination with adapted production methods, the Circleg prosthesis can be produced locally and cost-efficient. The ambitious goal of Project Circleg is to equip as many people as possible, who previously had no access to a prosthesis, with such an aid and at the same time strengthen local economies.

Radiate is happy to be a new consulting partner for the recently formed Zurich based startup. We will conduct a series of Engineering & Design workshops together with the Circleg-Team and will further advise and support them on technical issues and challenges in the area of FEM modeling and optimization of the prosthesis system in order to push Project Circleg one step ahead.

We’re welcoming Skope AG as a new client

The Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies AG is a successful startup of ETH Zurich and develops and sells dynamic field cameras. A dynamic field camera measures the dynamic magnetic fields in an MRI scanner. MR researchers and engineers use this device at the MRI scanner to measure newly developed sequences, to reconstruct more accurate and quantitative MRI images, to verify the stability of MRI scanners, and to calibrate MR devices.

Radiate Engineering & Design is looking forward to working together with Skope in the future and to realize projects together.

New project for Orthotec AG

Orthotec AG is a subsidiary of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, based in the Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPZ) Nottwil. Since 1994, Orthotec AG has been assisting patients with various treatments.

Orthopedic technicians and bandagists ensure that disturbed or missing body functions are as much as possible supported or replaced. They orient themselves to the basic principles of medicine, use state-of-the-art technologies and use their abilities.

In no area is the artisanal component so at the center as in the orthopedic workshop. With high-tech, the specialists create exemplary solutions for the benefit of patients.

We are very pleased to be able to support Orthotec AG in an innovative project.