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Launching the UAV Division & Accelerating Innovation in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

We are very proud to announce that as of today, Radiate Engineering & Design is launching the UAV Division, a special service unit dedicated to advancing the design, engineering, and certification of lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

With the global civil drone market projected to reach nearly $56 billion by 2030, the UAV Division aims to capitalize on this emerging industry’s vast potential. Leveraging Switzerland’s expertise in UAV technology and its strong academic foundation, Radiate Engineering & Design offers comprehensive services, including aerodynamic and structural optimization, simulation-driven engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, certification support, and business development.

The UAV Division is led by Timothy Habermacher, a seasoned expert in the UAV industry and mechanical engineering. About the idea behind the UAV Division, he says:
“Our ultimate objective is to guide our clients from concept to production, fostering innovation and empowering their ideas to take flight.”

“And above all else, we just love to see the ideas of our customers take flight”, he adds.

Check out the services of the UAV Division directly on our website – or take the comprehensive assessment about UAV product development if you are a UAV business and would like to know more about how to accelerate your product development.

Use of drones for doping control

Can anti-doping benefit from the use of drones? This is what our client RigiTech and the International Testing Agency (ITA) are going to find out. Together, they are on a mission and the goal is to test and develop innovative, faster and more environmentally friendly ways of transporting samples in anti-doping.

Find out more about this pilot project in the video.

Member of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster

We are very pleased to announce that Radiate Engineering & Design becomes a new member of the Swiss Aerospace Cluster (SAC).

The industry network supports the Swiss aerospace and satellite services industry in the transfer of knowledge and technology. The Swiss Aerospace Cluster is an agile network for pooling information across companies, associations and research institutions thereby increasing the organizations’ potential for development and promoting innovative products.

We are happy about our membership and the exchange of knowledge and experience within the SAC.


Symposium Air Mobility 2021

Radiate Engineering & Design participated in the Symposium Air Mobility 2021 in Lucerne. The SAM21 was a networking event highlighting the importance of the Aerospace sector in Switzerland and the relevance of space & drone innovations for mobility solutions of the next decade. As many of our clients come from the Aerospace sector, we were happy to be part of the event and it felt good to meet some real people again after such a long time without events and physical meetings! Many thanks to all participants and especially to the Swiss Aerospace Cluster who made SAM21 a success.

Drone Industry Association Switzerland

The Drones Industry Association Switzerland (DIAS) represents, supports and promotes its members who offer and export drone-related products and services from Switzerland. DIAS embraces the safe use of drones and seeks to accelerate the acceptance and adoption of drones. We are excited to announce that Radiate Engineering & Design becomes a new member of the DIAS! Looking forward to exploring the possibilities for drone technology, products and services together with the other members. Let’s do this!

iF Gold Award for the Fotokite Sigma

Radiate client Perspective Robotics wins the iF Gold Award 2021 for its public safety drone, the Fotokite Sigma! The Fotokite Sigma is an actively tethered unmanned aerial system providing Public Safety teams with mission-critical situational awareness from previously unavailable elevated perspectives. Unlimited continuous flight time and launching, flying, and landing with the single push of a button help to save team resources.

Radiate developed a cost-efficient manufacturing process to produce lightweight airframes for the Fototkite Sigma made of carbon composite.

More information about the award can be found here.

(c) Picture by iF International Forum Design GmbH


Perspective Robotics launches the Fotokite Sigma in Europe

After helping numerous emergency departments throughout the United States, Radiate Client Perspective Robotics now brings its fully autonomous aerial intelligence product line, the Fotokite Sigma, to Europe. Designed for fire and emergency response, search & rescue, traffic management, infrastructure & event security, the Fotokite Sigma will help european firefighters and public safety teams to gather fully automatic situational awareness at emergency response sites.

The Fotokite Sigma comes with a lightweight fully carbon fiber airframe and can withstand rainy, snowy, and windy weather conditions while operating for up to 24 hours. Due to an optimized manufacturing process, Radiate has been able to produce small to medium size series of the Fotokite Sigma airframe in the heart of Zurich since 2018.

To accompany the launch in Europe, Perspective Robotics has released a brand new video that shows the Fotokite Sigma in full action.


RigiTech performs first long range BVLOS delivery flight in Italy

We are happy to announce that our client RigiTech has, in collaboration with Leonardo and Telespazio, made history in Italy recently by performing long-range drone-based deliveries of healthcare material between two hospitals near Rome’s Fiumicino airport.  The RigiOne, the first generation drone with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) has made this possible several consecutive times in a safe, fast and reliable manner.

Check out the video for more information about the flight.

New project for Dufour Aerospace

Dufour Aerospace is an exciting new aviation company based in Visp. In order to realize their vision ‘The Future of Aviation is Electric’, Dufour is building the aEro 2, a 500kg 2-seater aircraft that can travel at 320km/h, land and take off vertically, while operating with low noise. 

Radiate Engineering is looking forward to working together with Dufour Aerospace in the future, in order to push their goal of revolutionizing air travel one step further.

New Project for RigiTech

Rigi Technologies (RigiTech) is a Swiss startup offering improved logistics through cargo drone delivery. Their goal is to develope next generation logistics vehicles for faster, easier and eco-friendly deliveries, enabling universal access to goods to communities, governments and private businesses.

Radiate is very proud to team up with RigiTech for an initial project in order to support them to turn their vision into reality.