Simulation-Driven Engineering

Our approach to development is simulation-driven. We use state-of-the-art CAD/CAE software and methodology to cope with ever more complex systems, products and materials. We define models, master significant simplification and foster know-how to create powerful solutions. From the beginning, we develop not only geometrically but always based on the physical response, thereby creating space for innovation.

We use simulation embedded in our product development process or as a standalone tool for standardized stress-strain analysis, functional tests or structural optimization. Like this, we always stay one step ahead with your project.

Radiate’s Tailored Service

– Engineering of Advanced Materials (Composites, Hybrid Materials, Laminate Definition/Optimization)

– Simulation as a Service (Proof of Strength Required by Standards, Optimization, Result Valuation & Documentation)

– High End CAD Modeling (Top-Down, Parametrical, Freeform Modeling, Drawing Creation)

Radiate’s Added Value

– Expertise and Simulation Experience

– Factual-based

– Sustainable Physical Insight

– Knowledge Transfer

– Risk, Time and Cost-Cutting

– Handling Rising Complexity


How to reinvent the wheel?

Radically Rethinking the Prestraining Concept

– Mastering Complex Physics of Wheel-Systems

– FEM-based Design Space Sensitivity Analysis

– Fact-based Solution Finding

Pushing the Competitive Edge to its Limits

– Parameter Optimization of Rim Geometry

– Numerical Optimization of Spoke Count

– Combining Rim and Spokes to a Monocoque Approach

Engineering Advanced Materials

– Non-linear FEM Composite Simulation

– Numerical Layup and Fiber Orientation Optimization

– Consequent Utilization of Carbon Fibers

Digital Twin and Design integration

– Design Feature Integration into Top-Down CAD Model

– Parametric Assembly Model for Efficient Product Family Handling

– Continuous Evolution of Product and Manufacturing tools

Manufacturing and Industrialization

– Process Simulation

– Rapid Composites Process Prototyping and Validation

– Novel and Patented Molding Concept Development