Silverton SL wheelset

Client: Scott Sports SA

Syncros is a Scott Sports subsidiary and one of the leading brands when it comes to innovation in the bicycle industry. With its high-end product line up, Syncros is the go-to accessory brand for various athletes. With the Silverton SL CC wheelset, Syncros takes one step ahead and creates the fastest and lightest full carbon wheels on the market.

As a composite specialist and lightweight innovation expert, Radiate developed the Silverton SL from scratch and demonstrates, how technical limits can be shifted if carbon fibers are used as meant to. Rethinking the traditional wheel concept, Radiate came up with a one-piece wheel design that exploits the full potential and use of carbon fibers. In contrast to a „black metal design“, Radiate created a leading-edge composite wheel-set with perfect matching layup as well as a novel manufacturing process thanks to its simulation-driven development approach. 

The result is a patented lightweight design, optimized for speed and handling with game-changing benefits for all racers: enhanced acceleration and dynamics, best cornering and traction – coming with a groundbreaking total weight of only 1250g per wheelset. 

Consequently, the Silverton SL wheelset was awarded with the Design & Innovation Award 2019