MRI Headshell

Client: Skope

Skope Magnetic Resonance Technologies AG is a Zurich based company that focuses on instrumentation and methods for MR-Systems and unifies competence in NMR field probe design, magnetic field monitoring, MR image reconstruction, RF electronics and electromagnetics.

The newest and most innovative product of Skope is the so called NeuroCam. The NeuroCam is a brain coil array with fully integrated field monitoring capabilities, providing a user-friendly solution that does not impede the standard imaging workflow. By concurrently measuring the field dynamics, one can correct for systematic and physiologic artifacts and thus achieve more accurate and consistent imaging. It is paired with receiver coils that were specifically designed for high-signal-to-noise ratio and parallel imaging performance in the brain. The combination enables a focus on advanced MR application research and move towards more reliable neuroscience and diagnosis.

In this project, Radiate supported skope with the engineering and production planning of the mechanical components of the Neurocam. A major challenge was to ensure the high-precision mechanical functions using MR-compatible materials and pack everything into the limited MRI space, whereby usability and the Skope design language were not neglected. With its knowledge in dealing with advanced materials, Radiate was able to solve this task and successfully developed the carrier platform for Skope’s high-precision measuring unit.