Lightweight Design and Product Development

Our product development converts your needs and ideas into disruptive innovations and solutions by combining our passion for lightweight structures and composites, a simulation driven engineering approach, and in-house prototyping.

Whether developing a complete lightweight product from scratch to mass production, designing and optimizing a single component and functionality or closing the gap to valuable innovation, Radiate is your partner.

From idea to marketability, we’re built to innovate, optimize and launch products.

Radiate’s Tailored Service

– Turn Key-Solution (from scratch to industrialization)

– Development Competence Integration (Design Thinking, Simulation Engineering, CAD+FEM, In-house Proto Lab)

– Fulfillment (Component/Factory Sourcing, Product Management, Quality Control)

Radiate’s Added Value

– Radically Innovative

– Unconventionally open minded

– User & Customer-Centered

– Agile & Time Effective

– Cost-Cutting

– Sustainable Insight Generation and Transfer

Use Case: Ankle Foot Orthosis

How to handle product complexity and engineering of advanced materials in
the medtech industry?

Context-of-Use Analysis

– Identification of Scope and User Needs

– Evaluation of existing Patents and Competitors

– Interviews with Patients and Orthopaedists

Design Space Exploration

– Mastering the Complex Physics of the Gait Cycle

– Digital Kinematic Representation with CAD and FEM

– Simulation-driven Concept Development

Concept Evaluation

– Multi Functional Concept Evaluation Prototype

– Laboratory Testing and User Feedback Generation

– Limit Design Space

Development and Engineering

– Detailed Design of Components in Top-Down CAD Structure

– Material Selection and Optimization with FEM

– Proof of Concept

Transfer to Market

– Development of Patent

– Production Ramp-up and Quality Management

– Accompaniment of Market Entry