Lightweight Airframe

Client: Perspective Robotics

Perspective Robotics AG, better known as Fotokite, specializes in offering safe and simple high tech solutions for aerial photography and surveillance.

The Fotokite Sigma system consists of a ground station and a tethered drone. A tablet computer runs the Fotokite Live application and receives the thermal and low light video streams, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission.

Based on the design by Perspective Robotics AG, Radiate developed a cost-efficient manufacturing process for the production of the lightweight airframes made of carbon composite.

Thanks to the optimized manufacturing process – in cooperation with production partner HS Composite – Radiate has been able to produce small to medium size series of the Fotokite Sigma airframe in the heart of Zurich since 2018.

Certain refining steps of the lightweight carbon structure are carried out directly in-house at Radiate. This enables Radiate to respond instantly to customer change requests and speeds up development iterations.