In-house Prototyping and Implementation

Radiate’s in-house prototyping lab enables our development team to implement quickly and purposefully. We implement and create early proof of concept-, functional-and design-prototypes, as well as quick mold-concept testing, composite production and process prototyping. 

We want you to experience and test our early stage implementation of function, form and processes, to continuously incorporate your feedback and our insights into the development. 

Radiate’s Tailored Service

– Additive Manufacturing (SLS, FDM) 

– CNC Milling (Parts, Molds, Components in Aluminum, Tooling Boards, Polymers) 

– Composites Prototyping (Out of Autoclav Prepreg, RTM/Vari Processing, Hand Lamination) 

– Experience Prototyping (Use, Test, Apply at the Radiate Prototyping Lab) 

Radiate’s Added Value

– All In-house 

– Fast and Easily Accessible 

– Integration of Latest Proto-Tools 

– Experience and On-site Testing 

– Making Composite Tangible 

– Bringing your Vision to Life 

Use Case: Delivery Drone

How to prototype the future of transportation
in a record short time?

Virtual Prototyping solutions

– Consistent Data Flow from first Designs to Prototype Implementation 

– Fast CAD and Prototyping Iterations 

– Photo Realistic Renderings 

Composite Materials

– CNC Mold Manufacturing in Aluminium and Tooling Materials 

– Cost Efficient Manufacturing Processes 

– Combination of Different Manufacturing Methods 

Additive Manufacturing

– SLS printed parts for Structural Components 

– FDM Printed Parts for Geometry Validation 

– Additive Manufactured Tooling Inserts 

Testing and Validation

– Fast Iterative Testing of Functions and Structural Integrity 

– FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis) for Civillian Drones 

– Instant and Continuous Customer Feedback Integration