Holistic Innovation and Consulting

We believe in the power of technical innovation leading to sustainable improvements. Therefore Radiate helps you to achieve a decisive competitive advantage through strategic innovation. We challenge your business model in order to explore the potential for innovation. As your engineering consultancy Radiate can be part of your team or work independently for you.

Our Radiate Way of Innovation leads your project from problem definition to solution development, prototyping, testing and finally to implementation. The result is a complete innovation process that is tailored to the actual needs of our customers. Of course, you can also select single services from our process related individual work phases.

Radiate’s Tailored Service

– Radiate Way of Innovation (Methodological Process)

– Ideation Workshop (Design Thinking) 

– Insight and Hypothesis Generation  

– Validation (Research & Testing) 

Radiate’s Added Value

– Innovation Process Tailored to your Needs 

– External Service or Part of your Team

– Fast and Iterative

– Challenging the Status Quo

– Cost Competitive

Use Case: Innovation Workshop

How to develop a smart turning signal device for bicycles?

Radiate Way of Innovation

– 360 Degrees Thinking Innovation Workshop

– Design Thinking Methods and Applied Improvisation  

– Active Customer Involvement

– Having Fun while Brainstorming Ideas