OOCYCLE – for disc brakes

OOCYCLE is the radical reinvention of the wheel for racing bikes with disc brakes. In 2014 racing bikes with disc brakes startet to conquer the bicycle market. OOCYCLE, the first full carbon wheel for disc brakes, is the answer and driver for this trend.

With our simulation-driven product development process, the functionality of pre-tensioned spokes, geometry, fiber orientation and laminate thickness were optimized. Parallel to the actual product, a novel one-shot manufacturing process was developed. Rims, spokes and hubs are produced in one shot.

The patented concept allows the production of the lightest wheels on the market with perfectly tuned stiffness in all directions.

Since 2016, we have no longer been running the OOCYCLE brand independently, but are concentrating on the development of high-tech components and their manufacturing processes.

Together with one of our renowned partners, the concept is used in industrial applications and is already available on the market.