The new Papalagi is well received

The trekking bike “Papalagi” from MTB Cycletech, developed in collaboration with Radiate Engineering, has survived its first endurance test. Trekkingbike’s chief editor Tom Bierl took it on a 1’600 kilometer-long tour and extensively tested the Papalagi.

His conclusion: “The Papalagi purred without the slightest problem on the challenging tour. Rarely has a bike inspired me as instantly as the new Papalagi. ”

Together with MTB Cycletech, we are very happy about the successful test result!

Here is the full report:

Radiate is a new member of Carbon Composites Network

Carbon Composites e.V. is a network open for all companies and research facilities that are involved in the area of high-performance fiber composites.

The focus of Carbon Composites is on the promotion of the application of high-performance fiber composite technologies in Switzerland.

As a new member, Radiate Engineering will participate in the association from January 2017 onwards.

Timothy Habermacher, CEO of Radiate, comments on the reasons for the membership: “The CCeV is an ideal platform for us to participate in networks, trade fairs and events, and to actively contribute in order to make the use of composite technologies more popular.”

New dropout on the bikes of MTB-Cycletech

MTB-Cycletech founder Butch Gaudy made a name for himself as a mountain bike guru in Switzerland 30 years ago. The Bernese was the first to import the bicycle-friendly bikes from the USA to Switzerland.

Meanwhile, MTB-Cycletech has become a specialist for touring speed and with the Papalagi has an excellent two-wheeler with a long history. The design and technical features have been further developed for years and have been influenced by countless touring bike riders.

Radiate Engineering has developed a new dropout for MTB-Cycletech, which is now ready and is used in the Papalagi, RAW and Amar series.

New project for Orthotec AG

Orthotec AG is a subsidiary of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, based in the Swiss Paraplegic Center (SPZ) Nottwil. Since 1994, Orthotec AG has been assisting patients with various treatments.

Orthopedic technicians and bandagists ensure that disturbed or missing body functions are as much as possible supported or replaced. They orient themselves to the basic principles of medicine, use state-of-the-art technologies and use their abilities.

In no area is the artisanal component so at the center as in the orthopedic workshop. With high-tech, the specialists create exemplary solutions for the benefit of patients.

We are very pleased to be able to support Orthotec AG in an innovative project.

OOCYCLE full-carbon wheel exhibited at Gewerbemuseum Winterthur

The exhibition BIKE l DESIGN l CITY illuminates the diverse bicycle scenes of today, the rich development potential within urban mobility and possible future scenarios around cycling.

The in-house production of the trade museum presents outstanding design products, from the iconic road bike to the cutting-edge city bike, to the latest folding bikes and e-bikes, to high-performance cargo bikes for couriers and families.

We are very pleased to support the exhibition with one of our full-carbon wheels “OOCYCLE” as an exhibit. The exhibition runs from 28 January 2017 to 30 July 2017.