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CADFEM and Radiate enter into a cooperation

CADFEM (Suisse) AG is one of the pioneers of the application of numerical simulation in product development and one of the largest European suppliers of computer-aided engineering, as well as long-standing sales partner of the leading software producer ANSYS, Inc. As part of a collaboration, CADFEM and Radiate will jointly carry out consulting projects in […]

No more prototypes! Radiate lectures on simulation-driven product development
The Airborne Wind Energy project „ftero“ takes flight thanks to the sponsorship of Radiate

Environment-conscious action and thinking has become quite important in recent years. The team around the ETH Zurich engineers from „ftero“ has set itself the goal of developing an Airborne Wind Energy System – from the idea to an optimized prototype. The students show with their project that the questions of the future energy supply can not […]

Radiate with a lecture at „Composites in the Bicycle Industry“

The use of carbon in the bike industry means maximum lightness on two wheels, but the application possibilities of composites are far from exhausted. So what is the state of the art in the bicycle industry and the innovative power of the composites industry? This question is addressed at the first-ever forum „Composites in the Bicycle […]

Test report for new cable railway in Stoos

The new cable railway in Stoos is the steepest cable car in the world, with up to 110% gradient. It takes you up to the Bergdorf Stoos at around 1300 m above sea level. In only 3 1/2 minutes it will transport locals and tourists alike to the Stoos mountain and back into the valley. The technical […]

Cargo drone successfully launched a Logistics & Distribution fair

Logistics & Distribution is the national industry event in Switzerland for intralogistics, distribution and e-logistics. At this year’s show, a group of companies, including Radiate Engineering, successfully presented a new concept for a Swiss cargo drone. The concept was developed in cooperation with the companies AirRails, HS Composite und WiDV under the leadership of the Schweizerischer Verband Ziviler Drohnen (SVZD). […]

Open Prototyping

Worldwide and also in Switzerland the community which cultivates the open exchange of knowledge is growing. Professional open-innovation platforms such as Atizo, or the FabLab for the maker community were recently established. The philosophy of open-prototyping or open innovation is consciously delimited by the usual closed development processes, whose „exclusivity“ by Schumpeter in 1942 was called […]

The new Papalagi is well received

The trekking bike „Papalagi“ from MTB Cycletech, developed in collaboration with Radiate Engineering, has survived its first endurance test. Trekkingbike’s chief editor Tom Bierl took it on a 1’600 kilometer-long tour and extensively tested the Papalagi. His conclusion: „The Papalagi purred without the slightest problem on the challenging tour. Rarely has a bike inspired me as instantly […]

Radiate is a new member of Carbon Composites Network

Carbon Composites e.V. is a network open for all companies and research facilities that are involved in the area of high-performance fiber composites. The focus of Carbon Composites is on the promotion of the application of high-performance fiber composite technologies in Switzerland. As a new member, Radiate Engineering will participate in the association from January […]

New dropout on the bikes of MTB-Cycletech

MTB-Cycletech founder Butch Gaudy made a name for himself as a mountain bike guru in Switzerland 30 years ago. The Bernese was the first to import the bicycle-friendly bikes from the USA to Switzerland. Meanwhile, MTB-Cycletech has become a specialist for touring speed and with the Papalagi has an excellent two-wheeler with a long history. […]